About Me


Hello there! My name is Karen!

I’m the sweet, bubbly, creative blonde girl behind Karen Ann Photography.

If you would have told high school me that I would be a photographer let alone a Wedding Photographer when I grew up I would have never believed you.

All I knew at that age was that I wanted to make connections with people and do what I loved.
But I didn’t quite know what I loved to do, after all I was only 18, right?

But as all my family and friends would say, I’m a dreamer.


I love to knit/crochet (give me allll the yarn)

I’m Obsessed with my 6year old black Labrador retriever, Layla

I have literally the best husband in the world- 10 years together married for 3

I love tacos

Boat/lake life it’s my serenity in insanity.

I’m a Foodie

My Favorite color pink

I own a truck 🙂

All about that DIY/crafty life

I have 2 older sisters, a younger brother and 1 brother in law and a niece

I’m a HUGE Netflix/Hulu binge watcher

I have always had these grand thoughts and ideas about what I wanted to be or do.

Those ideas never quite panned out however for one reason or another. So flash forward to a couple years ago, you can imagine my husbands surprise when I woke up one day and told him I HAD to be a Photographer.He being the loving sweet guy towards me nervously agreed but told me I needed to Show him how serious I was about it…after all it was a big purchase and commitment!. So, when we bought my first ever professional camera I went out and I started my portfolio. I have never been more passionate about something or stuck with something like I have with photography. I have a keen and natural eye for it and love making connections with people that will last forever.

And isn’t that what photography is all about?

Meeting new people and creating memories for them that will last forever?


I feel so blessed that I found what I am passionate about that lets my creativity flow in such a great way. Now I completely understand why things never quite panned out with those other ideas. Because I truly found what I was meant to do.


I now understand the meaning behind the quote

“you never work a day in your life when you love what you do”.