Alisha & Emile- Engagement Session

May 22, 2018

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It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the weather was warming up and the sun was still rising but shining gracefully, and the park was peaceful. Yes my friends, it was shaping up to be a good day! As I sat there early awaiting the sweetest engaged couple to arrive I noticed some fishermen were out on the lake fishing in their boats and Ducks were grazing on top of the water with their young baby ducklings trucking alongside of them. It was a calm day and I had an overwhelmingly feeling of peace that everything was going to go smoothly…

The Radiant Bride to be, Alisha, was getting into place with her handsome groom to be, Emile. They were all smiley and joyful and giggly. Things I felt were going according to plan… just as I was about to take the first shot, she looked down at her hand and the panic sunk in… she realized her ring was not on her finger! Rushing around she began  looking frantically everywhere for the ring. Emile was as calm as can be, he was sure it was just in the car, he assured her and calmed her down. Alisha bolted to the car and a short few minutes later she came back with a look of relief and happiness again… “I got it!” she yelled out at us… “it was on the floor outside of the car!” she was so upset at the thought of her ring almost being gone forever but also SO relieved and excited that it was safe and back on her finger where it belonged. You see she had taken it off just for one second in the car to put some lotion on and forgot it was in her lap, when she got out of the car, naturally it just fell onto the ground without her realizing it. it happens to the best of us and I would be lying if I said its never happened to me before. More like at least a ton of times with different Jewelry! LOL

I tell this story not to worry people or make people think “oh no!”, BUT to show you how good they are for each other. Part of a good relationship requires BALANCE. What that means to me is two people who equal each other out and are there for each other no matter what. As I looked back at this memory it filled me with happiness and a smirk on my face because they are just that, a couple who balances each other out. when I think of this story (even though like Alisha, in the moment, when it was happening I was just as frantic as her about her ring) it reminded me that things can happen when you least expect it, but it’s how you react.  Instead of Emile being frantic too about it he stepped up to the plate and assured her they would find it and that it was going to be ok. You see, they BALANCE each other out! and that my friends told me that this was the beginning makings of a good marriage.

As we got on with their session it went beautifully… if you take a peak below at the gallery you can see how beautiful the photos turned, as a couple they are beautiful too (that includes inside and out).

I asked Alisha to write a little story of how they started dating in case any of their friends or family didn’t know their story. So here is what she wrote:

“I met Emile through G, Emile’s sister. G and I have been friends and co-workers for over 3 years now. G had invited me to Emile’s birthday celebration which consisted of going to different breweries. It was a blast! That night I had gotten a friend request from him on Facebook and we began chatting and soon enough we had become best friends! Emile asked me on our first date and it was amazing, we went to the Stove and Tap located in Lansdale, for dinner and beer. It was my first time there and boy was it good! It was a nice atmosphere and the food and beer were great. things were going great so we decided to head someplace else for some more drinks. So, we headed to the Rising Sun Inn…there was a wedding there and guests had spilled over into the bar, naturally.  So shortly after we decided to head out but we ended up just talking the night away outside of the bar for hours! It was honestly the best date ever! We just had so much in common. Who would have thought almost a year later we would be having our reception dinner at the Rising Sun inn where it all began!”


thanks for going on this wild and crazy adventure with me and putting up with me even when I don’t know how to judge distance and we ended up walking a while to get to the most perfect spot! I am so incredibly happy for you both that you were able to find your soulmate and best friend who BALANCES each of you out. I wish you the best of luck when you get married in a couple weeks, and that your marriage continues to be a beautiful love story for forever and always.




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