A Mother’s Day Present for Mom

May 14, 2018

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I have known Michelle (and Alesha) for over 10 years now. Michelle used to work with me at good ole Mickey D’s when we were the ripe age of 15, and Alesha was friends with some of the people we worked with so she became a fun familiar face I would see often. So for me its really so amazing to see people I knew from my past and where they are with their lives now. Not only do I get to see where they are at with their lives it gives me all the happy feels to see that they are all doing so wonderfully!

So, when Michelle had messaged me to see if I would do photos of her daughter Ella and her nephew Brandon and Niece Sawyer for a Mothers Day gift to her mom I was so down for It!! Soon after I suggested it turn into a family group picture since it was for a Mothers Day gift after all. We had a lot of fun even though it was a pretty chilly day… a good memory I will have is all the adults blowing up some balloons to put in the pictures with the kids and the balloons just popping left and right from the wind LOL it was pretty entertaining. but needless to say I was so happy to be able to capture Michelle and her little family and each of her siblings with their own growing families.

**Michelle was captured with her 1 year old daughter, Ella, and her husband Bob. Alesha was captured with her longtime boyfriend, Jermaine, and her brother James along with his lovely wife Kate and their 2 children Braden & Sawyer, and her youngest sister Jess and her Fiancé Matt. **

Hope you enjoy the photos!!

To Michelle and her whole Family that joined in the photos- I hope you love and cherish all these lovely memories and mostly I hope your mom loved her pictures for Mother’s Day<3




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