Adelphia House NYE Wedding

March 3, 2018

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Back on the blog to share my most recent wedding I photographed on NYE at the Adelphia House in Deptford Township, NJ. It just happens to be my second ever wedding I did!  

Marvin, the groom, sought me out on Wedding Wire. He asked if he and Michelle could meet with me about me potentially photographing their wedding on NYE at the Adelphia House. When I met Michelle and Marvin they were some of the nicest couple I have ever met! I felt it was so easy to talk and connect with them and it felt as if we had been friends for years. They actually had met each other working for the same post office. Crazy enough they had both worked there for 25 years! Their relationship didn’t start out as a romantic one, but it started out as a friendship and over the years it blossomed into something more. I personally loved this love story and really connected with it because I personally believe what makes a great marriage is the foundation of a strong friendship, or as I call it best friends.

I have seriously gotten so lucky with some amazing and such perfect for each other couples. Marvin and Michelle and their NYE Wedding at the Adelphia was absolutely wonderful and Beautiful and to be able to work with them and their wedding was a dream. It was probably the MOST fun wedding I have ever been too hands down. From all the super fun and nice guests to the special moments when Marvin’s Mom sang, and his Step-Dad prayed before dinner, and the super emotional best man and maid of honor speeches (seriously Marvin’s son, Marvin Jr., made even his Dad tear up… and I’m not going to lie me too lol) . Michelle dancing with her sons and Marvin Dancing with his Daughter. It was a family affair that was just bursting with all the love that was in the room that surrounded them. Michelle’s cousin got engaged that night at their wedding. It was a huge surprise and I know Marvin & Michelle were SO thrilled to have them share their special day with them. It just shows you how loving these two are. It was such a special night that not only I, but everyone there will remember for years to come.

Favorite moment:

For this wedding my favorite moment was DJ who was so interactive and had all the guests out on the dance floor having a blast with Marvin and Michelle. It was seriously so magical to see everyone coming together having a great time celebrating the happy couple. Another fun moment of mine was when Michelle, the bride, was doing her bouquet toss and tricked them all out the first time around. I was able to capture that moment and when I was going through to edit it made me smile so big and giggle at the same time. She had so much fun doing that! It was so fun and tricky!

To Michelle & Marvin:

Thank you so much for trusting me with your big day, you will never know how much this meant to me. I will never forget the first time I met you guys and you said you were looking for someone who was passionate about photographing your wedding and how you thought I was that gal. That made me so incredibly happy and I was so honored you chose me to be part of your special day! Thank you so much guys and I hope you enjoy this blog of all your beautiful photos!

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